What We Do
Onward Technologies, llc


  • Onward custom designs and builds airborne telecommunications systems.
  • Its telecommunications capabilities are custom designed to the frequencies and bandwidth available to each project.
  • Onward operates very much as a virtual company which enables delivery of the highest product quality and service with a cost sensitive focus.
  • We’ve assembled a team of experts to compliment and support our core technology development and marketing team.
  • Our patented systems can function as an independent telecommunications network, as a network extender for incumbent telecom service providers and as a last mile connection for stratospheric or low earth orbit satellite services.
  • Just as telecommunication capabilities are custom designed to fulfill project requirements so is site selection, RF equipment, Mobile and Fixed services, Ground Control Station, Network Operation Center, customer training and Support and Services Program.


  • We understand that to achieve our VISION will require more than we alone can provide.
  • Onward accepts the tried-and-true axiom “find a need and fill it”. Such need at our inception, which remains to this day, is that social and economic quality and strength should and can be more equitably distributed.
  • We firmly believe that access to reliable, quality telecom connectivity is requisite to realizing this VISION.
  • In the presence of reliable connectivity for ALL it will be possible to support connectivity to unserved communities for professional and social interaction.
Onward Technologies, llc


Onward Technologies, llc
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Onward Technologies, llc
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Onward Technologies, llc
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Onward Technologies, llc
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Onward Technologies, llc
Onward Technologies, llc
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